Welcome to the Dream Cutter BLOG were the developer informally discusses Dream Cutter engineering,  interesting projects and company events.  Our main site is http://dreamcutter.com which provides detailed product information, multimedia demonstrations  and demos and links to our direct sales outlet.

Many have discovered this site through a youtube video (“ManOverMetal”) of a radius cutter for an  8×12 lathe that featured a cam-lock pivot adjustment and standard toolholder.  This project was the inspirational launching point for a new approach that solves many problems inherit in earlier designs.

The Mini-Lathe Dream cutter is a replacement compound rest that features many advancements and innovations that permit many operations that have not been feasible including turning and parting a near perfect sphere in a single operation from a unprepared rod end.  Note the double adjustable radius pivoting design allows for unprecedented reach and flexibility.  We have several product lines in various stages of development for larger lathes. The mini-lathe version was undertaken first to prove the design concept feasibility with the most compact of equipment to facilitate follow on lines by scaling up the design for larger mass machines.

The production batch of Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter assemblies is being made in San Diego. They are CNC machined in CRS and SS.  The initial batch of assemblies will are hand fitted, tested and Q&A by Aug 1. Pricing and availability will be announced when product is acceptable to our standards and deemed shippable. For this reason we will defer pricing to until final costs have been tallied, as this being the first product launch I am dealing with too many unpredictable variables.

Thanks for your interest. We have invested a lot into Dream Cutter and realize customer satisfaction and is the key to success.  That takes strong product value and responsive customer service to achieve. With that spirit I welcome any questions, comments or suggestions.


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  1. Phil Lourie says:

    Looks the answer to a maiden’s prayer ( in case you have to ask no!) What’s the availability & price for the UK please?