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June 2010
Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter Shipping Soon!. 
Production run on schedule, will be ready for AUG 1 release. Retail pricing and availability will be released
3D simulation of a Mini-Lathe Dream Cuter and Animated video developed to demonstrate unique compound
radial cutting abilities. More live and simulation training and project idea videos coming soon.

Website : Dream Cutter BLOG News, Lines, Support and Project Ideas sections updated.

May 2010
Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter initial production batch in progress.  
Dream Cutter LLC contracts a premiere San Diego based precision  fabricator for the initial production run.
The first batch of 100 assemblies will be ready for shipment August 1, 2010.

Pricing and availability information coming soon.
March 2010

DREAM CUTTER  ESTABLISHED AS A CALIFORNIA based LLC to promote research and sales of Dream
Cutter products and services. Dream Cutter LLC develops machine tool accessories that deliver exceptional
value by boosting the performance of legacy equipment to new limits.

By Peter B. Martin  

Initial development was spurred on by the many metalworking enthusiasts who wrote me with interest
in a homemade tool demonstrated on You-Tube  where the tool was coined the “Dream Cutter”,
based on the cutting action exhibited. This version of the tool was loosely based on a design
pioneered by inventor Edward F. Hausam in 1947. While effective in radial cutting certain dimensions,  
I was disappointed with the tools performance limitations with respect to work piece diversity and
operational efficiency. I envisioned a more far more capable and practical tool.  

As a home shop machinist, I frequently found myself constantly re-adjusting my lathe tail-stock and
compound to cut tapers, often several times on a single part. I considered the benefits of the common
lathe accessories including tool turrets, the quick change tool post, and various taper attachments and
the particular problems they present on bench top equipment.

This experience combined with the feedback received from you-tube afforded me the insight to
develop the design requirements for the Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter.  This includes radial and tapered
turning, parting and facing operations, maximum maneuverability, and bolt-on installation. I also
recognized that if I could solve the problem with sufficient rigidity for mini-lathe equipment certainly I
would have a scalable design suitable for more massive employment.
After developing and proving individual features, they were implemented as integrated prototypes for
exhaustive testing.  These were further refined and the compact design that is the Mini-Lathe Dream
Cutter ultimately emerged. The Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter can perform most operations better than a
stock compound, and many others that are not even possible without complex, dedicated attachments




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