Production version of the Mini-Lath Dream Cutter!

Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter Image 2

Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter showing second adjustable pivot point.

Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter showing second adjustable pivot point.

This perspective shows the adjustable tool holder rotated upon the second adjuable pivot point. This exclusive feature is the primary advantage of the Dream Cutter design in that it allows for back cutting and single operation full ball cutting without adjusting the primary radius affecting final part dimensions. You can turn and part a precise sphere, dish or doughnuts in minutes in a minute.

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7 Responses to Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter Image 2

  1. Kaspar says:

    Outstanding! Congrats on getting the first production run finished. Must have one!

  2. Drew says:

    when will they hit the streets? and will you send one to the UK please

  3. Chuck says:

    Looks great, wonder cutting, love what I have seen. But I do not see the actual cost for the product. How much $$?

  4. nourou says:

    really is a good creation thank you for this information

  5. Administrator says:

    The Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter has just started shipping! Please visit for information, video an 3D demos, user guide and our on-line store.

  6. Administrator says:
  7. Administrator says:

    Shipping Now. International shipping is possible however shipping and import taxes are an extra cost.