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Many have discovered this site through a youtube video (“ManOverMetal”) of a radius cutter for an  8×12 lathe that featured a cam-lock pivot adjustment and standard toolholder.  This project was the inspirational launching point for a new approach that solves many problems inherit in earlier designs.

The Mini-Lathe Dream cutter is a replacement compound rest that features many advancements and innovations that permit many operations that have not been feasible including turning and parting a near perfect sphere in a single operation from a unprepared rod end.  Note the double adjustable radius pivoting design allows for unprecedented reach and flexibility.  We have several product lines in various stages of development for larger lathes. The mini-lathe version was undertaken first to prove the design concept feasibility with the most compact of equipment to facilitate follow on lines by scaling up the design for larger mass machines. Continue reading

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Dream Cutter at Cabin Fever Expo 2012 in York PA

A big thanks to all who participated and attended Cabin Fever Expo 2012 at the York PA Fairgrounds and Expo Center Jan 14-15.  Dream Cutter appreciated the opportunity to demonstrate the unique and amazing capabilities of the Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter installed on a Hi-Torque Mini-Lathe supplied by Little Machine Shop.   The enthusiastic response by the ever present crowd around our demonstration table certainly encourages us to expand production and advance development of the Dream Cutter technology for larger lathe sizes. We did discover a few jawbones and eyeballs on the floor during tear-down of our booth.  If missing, drop me an email and I’ll send you yours. – Peter

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Dream Cutter Ships!

The Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter has just started shipping!  Please visit http://www.dreamcutter.com for information, video an 3D demos, user guide and our on-line store.

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Production version of the Mini-Lath Dream Cutter!


Understanding the Dream Cutter, answering probing questions.

Today I had the oppertunity to answer some questions about the Dream Cutter from a skeptical machinist, and I will share the response. The questions are omitted they are not ours to share, however I believe you will find the answers helpful in better understanding the Dream Cuter.

Thanks for the interest and probing questions. With these aggressive claims, the invention certainly deserves it!  OK there are several misconceptions how the Dream Cutter unit is constructed and used that are apparent, certainly understandable with the limited information currently provided.   I will address some of these now, and generate more examples later for the site. Continue reading


Dream Cutter News

June 2010
Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter Shipping Soon!. 
Production run on schedule, will be ready for AUG 1 release. Retail pricing and availability will be released
3D simulation of a Mini-Lathe Dream Cuter and Animated video developed to demonstrate unique compound
radial cutting abilities. More live and simulation training and project idea videos coming soon.

Website : Dream Cutter BLOG News, Lines, Support and Project Ideas sections updated.

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Press Release: Dream Cutter Product Announcement


Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter

Compound Radial Multi-Tool


The Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter™ is a bolt-on accessory certain to revolutionize the mini-lathe market. Offering an unprecedented level of tool control in a compact package, the Dream Cutter’s design (patents pending) overcomes the limitations inherit in miniature machine tools.  The Dream Cutter extends the mini-lathe’s standard compound rest with two additional axes of controlled tool articulation combined with a fully adjustable quick release tool holder.  The Dream Cutter performs traditional lathe operations better, and accomplishes other tasks previously considered impracticable on mini-lathe equipment. Key capabilities and features include:


Spheres; up to 3” balls, start to finish in seconds Optimal tooling, Accommodates most cutting tools
Tapers, Any angle, either direction, any length Radius Center Indicator; Precisely orient the tool
Facing; Square, convex or concave Precise Control; Pivoting action torque adjustment
Roulette; Radial action to create various effects Practical; Installs in seconds without modifications
Toroid; Cured rims and hoops Flexibility; Greater tool reach and clearance
Productivity; Highest rates of material removal Configurable; Achieve optimum maneuverability
Bore; Internal tapers and radial features Inch & MM Scale; Gauge settings at a glance
Parting; Any depth without chatter Adjustable Tool Post; Quick release & shim less
Milling; Easy radial and angle cuts on small parts Rigid; Adjustable gib, Positive locking spindle clutch
Surface finish; Reduce waviness Durable; Steel construction & easily serviceable
Ball and Socket; Create precision mechanisms Ergonomic; Controls promote maneuverability


The Dream Cutter’s multi-functional approach is ambitious, however diligent engineering and manufacturing craftsmanship has resulted a highly refined and capable product.  The convergence of these functions also permits the Dream Cutter to perform Compound Radial Cutting ™  Compound Radial Cutting (patents pending) is a new lathe turning technique where the cutting tool is swept simultaneously or independently in sub-ordinate radii arcs where the tangent to the work axis is controlled by an over-arching primary radius arc.  Compound Radial Cutting is applied with the Dream Cutter to maintain radial tool path continuity, improve material removal rates, and reduce surface finish waviness.  Recognizing rigidity is vital to the tool’s effectiveness; structural integrity was an unwavering focus in the Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter’s development. The result of this focus is a tool which maintains the highest possible degree of precision while demonstrating the full range of its capabilities.


The Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter is installed using a mounting plate which fastens to the cross slide saddle in place of a compound rest.  Approximately ½” in height, the mounted body of the Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter is low enough to pass under a 3” lathe chuck. The Dream Cutter’s controls can be configured in either in direction on the rail re-orient the tool post mount.  The multiple configurations of the Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter allow for up to a 3” diameter sphere to be cut and perform tapers at any angles in either direction.  The Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter includes a feature-packed tool holder that’s fully adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of tools. 


Hobbyist, craftsman, artisan and industrial machinists will appreciate all the ways in which the Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter™ breaches barriers to creativity.  Operators of small bench top lathes such at those offered by Proxxon® , Schaublin® , Seig® , Sherline® , Taig® , Wabeco® and others will discover the combined the features of the Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter can speed most cutting operations, allowing for complex turned pieces to be created with minimal interruption to cutting operations.  

Availability and pricing to be announced August 2010.


 Dream Cutter

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