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Operating like an extension of your hands, the Dream Cutter accessory affords unparalleled levels of tool control.  Unleash the power of your machine and cut your dreams today.


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The Sieg Mini-Lathe

We have partnered with several  dealers of Sieg mini-lathes to provide you the convenience and confidence that you have the most compatible lathe for the Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter. Sieg manufacturers quality mini-lathes that offer extraordinary value and flexibility.  While Seig manufactures several base models, Each dealer has their own model configurations manufactured to their particular specifications.  Sieg mini-lathe value added resellers present a vast selection of equipment to the consumer, however its common lineage allow the models to etain a high level of comparability and parts interchangeability.  No other mini-lathe on the market has a larger installed base of dedicated enthusiasts and enjoys such a broad range of accessories and upgrade options.  Here are some of the finest Sieg equipment dealers on-line:

Little Machine Shop

Offering what is perhaps the most extensive assortment of equipment, accessories and tooling for the home machinist, Little Machine Shop also delivers the best customer service and great value.

LittleMachineShop.com publishes many tips, repair diagrams and machinist guides in addition to selling hard to find to spare parts and upgrades for almost every small import milling machine and mini-lathe on the market.

Featuring: HiTorque MiniLathes

The LittleMachineShop.com HiTorque SIEG SC4 Mini Lathe is the best in its class. It has the most power, most torque, and a longer center distance than other lathes in its class.  

Visit Bolton

Bolton Hardware

Bolton Hardware machines are thoughtfully configured, well prepared and offer tremendous value.  The product range at www.boltonhardware.com spans from bench to to light industrial.  Look carefully at the specs in the Bolton lineup, note that they focus on the important options and features and keeping it simple. The result is a very rugged and reliable machine that offers great value and is ready to go.

Bolton CQ9138 7” Mini-Lathe


Shars Tool

Shars Tool

Stars Tool has a huge selection of lathe and mill tooling at very reasonable prices.  Shars.com offers a huge selection of index-able tool inserts.  Great prices and responsive customer service, makes  Shars a great source for tooling.

Giant selection of tools & inserts


3/8” SVVCN

This SVVCN index-able

tool works very well

with the Dream Cutter:

Shop Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight

Selling the most affordable mini-lathes on the market, HarborFreight.com has a decent selection of affordable metal working tools .

The HF 7x10 and 7x12 Mini-Lathes are Sieg MFG OEM equipment.

HF Model # 44859

Harbor Freight 7x10 and 7x12.