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Operating like an extension of your hands, the Dream Cutter accessory affords unparalleled levels of tool control.  Unleash the power of your machine and cut your dreams today.


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Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter Specifications

The Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter ® is a bolt-on accessory certain to revolutionize the mini-lathe market. Offering an unprecedented level of tool control in a compact package, the Dream Cutter’s overcomes the many of the limitations inherit in compact machine tools.

The Dream Cutter extends the mini-lathe’s standard compound rest with two additional axes of controlled tool articulation combined with a fully adjustable quick release tool holder.  The Dream Cutter performs traditional lathe operations better, and accomplishes other tasks previously considered impracticable on mini-lathe equipment.

Approximately ½” in height, the mounted body of the Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter is low enough to pass under a 3” lathe chuck. The Dream Cutter’s controls can be configured in either in direction on the rail re-orient the tool post mount.  The multiple configurations of the Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter allow for up to a 3” diameter sphere to be cut and perform tapers at any angles in either direction.  The Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter includes a feature-packed tool holder that’s fully adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of tools.


Here are just some of the exciting features:

Spheres; up to 3” balls, in one step

Optimal tooling, Accommodates most cutting tools

Radius Center Indicator; Precisely orient the tool

Facing & Turning ; Convex or concave & taper

Precise Control; Pivoting action torque adjustment

Roulette; Radial action to create various effects

Practical; Installs in seconds without modifications

Toroid; Cured rims and hoops

Agile & versatile; Greater tool reach and clearance

Configurable; Achieve optimum maneuverability

Bore; Internal tapers and radial features

Inch & MM Scale; Gauge settings at a glance

Parting; Any depth without chatter

Adjustable Tool Post; Quick release

Milling; Easy radial and angle cuts on small parts

Rigid; Adjustable ways  & positive clamping spindle brake  

Read more about the Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter

 in the user guide or  the specification brief:

Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter\\Features & Specifications

Parts Identification and Assembly

Click the image to see a exploded parts assembly diagram or click the button below to open a detailed parts identification and assembly document. Requires PDF reader software.

Parts Assembly PDF

Features and Controls

Click the image below to open diagram explaining the features of the Mini-Lathe Dream Cutter.  The download Link opens a features brochure document. Requires PDF reader software.

MLDC Features PDF